Brian J. Glenn, Esq.

Representing people in Connecticut who are in trouble with the law.

Representing a Murder 1 suspect in Hartford Superior Court (Photo: Fox61)

Expert Legal Counsel

Merely being charged with a crime can change your life forever. You can lose your job, professional licenses, your friends and your family. Even worse, being convicted may send you to prison. Knowing that the stakes are so high for my clients keeps me passionate about my work!

I don’t take on a lot of cases. Instead, I take the time to get to know you well, to learn the facts of your case inside and out (often with the help of investigators), and then to use those facts to tell a story to the State’s Attorney that will allow him or her to feel comfortable accepting the most favorable outcome for your case.

You are always at the center! I return your calls and emails the same day, remain completely open about where we are in the case, and I will always be honest with you in my assessment of the case and the potential outcomes.