I serve the entire state of Connecticut. Judges get rotated between courthouses every two years, give or take, so there is no “local courthouse” for attorneys.

After COVID-19 hit and folks started working remotely from home, I realized that I no longer needed an office, and that it was easier for clients if we met somewhere mutually convenient.

The initial consultation is free. If you want to retain my services, I will quote you a fee, payable up front. No charging by the hour—this allows me to give your case all the time it deserves without worrying how much it is costing you, and allows you the freedom to call me without thinking the entire conversation about how much you are getting billed. If we need to retain investigators or expert witnesses, that will cost extra.

Call me at (617) 780-0669, email at brian@brianglennlaw.com, or fill out the form below and we can begin the conversation.

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